“Fit to be Tied” Giveaway

The Charity Auction, my m/m romantic short, is FREE as part of Prolific Works’ “Fit to be Tied” giveaway. I’m planning more giveaways in the future, but “Fit to Be Tied” is my first! The company is stellar, with amazing authors like Rachel Ember and Nathan Bay in the lineup. I can’t wait to meet new readers who want to know more about my upcoming m/m romance novels. Keep your eyes on this blog (or sign up for my newsletter) and be the first to hear about Domestic Service, book one in the Living Situations series.

Find out more about The Charity Auction below. If you like what you read, click the button to get your FREE copy! Don’t forget to check out the other stories and shorts while you’re there! To be notified about upcoming giveaways and events, sign up for my newsletter.

“The Charity Auction” – a free m/m romantic short giveaway

image showing short story The Charity Auction on an e-reader. The story is part of a free m/m romantic short giveaway

The Charity Auction is a free, romantic m/m short that’s part of June’s “Fit to Be Tied” giveaway on Prolific Works. It tells the story of Alex Monroe, who isn’t a risk-taker. He’s the shy, head-down guy in the corner watching as Doms at his club choose the eager, outgoing subs while he waits, unseen, too scared to step forward.

When sign-ups appear for the club’s annual charity auction, however, Alex spies an opportunity. What better way for an introverted sub to find a play partner for his first spanking than letting someone else do the hard work of making him seem desirable?

Only now, faced with a crowd of restless bidders and his literal ass on the line, Alex is forced to reconsider. What if he’s bought by someone cruel, sadistic, or incompatible?

Worse yet: what if nobody buys him at all?