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The Living Situations Series

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Domestic Service

An inexperienced executive. A penniless grad student. An unconventional offer.

Colin Caldwell clawed his way out of a rough childhood to put himself through college, and now grad school. Broke, stressed-out, and struggling to stay afloat after he loses his regular ridesharing gig, he’s willing to do anything that pays the bills.

Simon Vessey is the total package—a handsome, wealthy, and successful executive who, at thirty-seven, seems to have it all. But behind closed doors, Simon is shy, lonely, and so inexperienced as a dominant that he might as well be a virgin. Limited by his fears, but craving companionship beyond an occasional escort, what he really wants is someone he can come home to, even if he’s paying for the privilege.

When a mutual acquaintance suggests that Colin could be the perfect fit for Simon’s live-in submissive dreams, it seems like the perfect solution for them both. But when their connection begins to run deeper than their business contract, and old demons rear their heads, will they find a way to persevere?

The first book in the Living Situations series, Domestic Service is a gay romance featuring an age gap, light BDSM, and two broken people fixing each other in service of their happy ending. If you like steamy situations, compelling characters, and forced proximity, then you’ll love Ella Fenn’s debut novel.

Discover Domestic Service and fall head-over-heels for Colin and Simon today!

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Bedside Manners

A freak windstorm. A life-changing accident. An unlikely helping hand.

After years spent suffering under the weight of his father’s expectations, Max Castillo-Grant is celebrating his shiny new law degree by drinking, partying, and bed-hopping around Seattle. Max isn’t stupid—he knows the good times never last—but if the world’s going to bring him low, he might as well enjoy the high.

Six years ago, a broken heart and a deep loss turned Ben Greer bitter and reclusive. Formerly the life of the party, he quit his job, rejected his friends, and hid from the world. Now, he spends his days alone, working on occasional custom carpentry commissions, with only his dog, Judith, for company.

Two severe weather events conspire to leave Ben in need of a full-time caretaker for his injuries, and Max in need of a respectable job. Despite a rocky start, Ben is begrudgingly won over by Max’s good humor, and the two form a lasting connection. But emotional wounds leave deep scars, and both Ben and Max are damaged. Can they find a way to heal hurts that go far beyond the physical before it’s too late? 

The second book in the Living Situations series, Bedside Manners is a gay romance featuring an age gap, BDSM, and 4-6 terrible puns about woodworking. If you like steamy situations, hurt/comfort, and grumpy mountain men, then you’ll love Ella Fenn’s latest novel.

Pick up Bedside Manners and let Ben and Max sweep you off your feet today!

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Nick Robinson doesn’t need help from anyone. He’s been taking care of himself since he was ten years old, and his independent streak has cost him friendships, a marriage, and most recently, his job. Facing unemployment and the looming threat of losing his home, Nick decides his only option is to seek a roommate. After a fruitless search, the only decent applicant is Evan, a talented artist in need of creative inspiration, which he thinks he might find in Nick’s attic loft.

Evan moves in, still searching for that elusive burst of artistic brilliance, and their opposing personalities collide, triggering heated exchanges and hurt feelings. Nick is uptight and constantly worried about what other people think, which grates against Evan’s artistic temperament and odd sartorial choices.

However, destiny has a way of bringing people together when they need it most. While searching for a new job, Nick meets Sydney, a disaffected teenage girl in foster care who desperately needs legal assistance. Amidst their endless squabbles, Nick and Evan find common ground in their shared responsibility for Sydney’s potential. When their walls come down, sparks fly. But are those sparks kindling the fire of their future, or are they tinder that will burn the fledgling relationship to the ground?

The third book in the Living Situations series, Legal Bindings is a gay romance featuring unlikely roommates, self-discovery, and the extraordinary connections that can arise when we challenge our own assumptions. If you like enemies-to-lovers, found family, and steamy situations, then you won’t want to miss this book.

Let Nick and Evan paint you an unconventional picture of what true love looks like and get your copy of Legal Bindings today.

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The Charity Auction

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Alex Monroe isn’t a risk-taker. He’s the shy, head-down guy in the corner watching as Doms at his club choose the eager, outgoing subs while he waits, unseen, too scared to step forward.

When sign-ups appear for the club’s annual charity auction, however, Alex spies an opportunity. What better way for an introverted sub to find a play partner for his first spanking than letting someone else do the hard work of making him seem desirable?

Only now, faced with a crowd of restless bidders and his literal ass on the line, Alex reconsiders. What if he’s bought by someone cruel, sadistic, or incompatible?

Worse yet: what if nobody buys him at all?

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